Custodial & Special Services

Facility Operations – Custodial & Special Services includes two operating units — Custodial Operations and Special Services.

Custodial Operations provides routine and periodic cleaning services to Education and General (E&G) buildings on the MU campus and is supported by General Operating funding. The Special Work Assignment Team (SWAT) performs emergency cleanups, special cleaning, and services custodial laundry. Special Services provides recharge services to the MU campus.

Custodial Recharge Services
Special Services' Recharge Services

Custodial Operations seeks to provide reliable cost-effective services, and to take an active role in the development of its workforce. In support of these objectives, Custodial Operations emphasizes:

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  • Communicating with and developing empathetic relationships with customers.
  • Maintaining flexibility and efficient delivery of cleaning services through retooling and use of new technology.
  • Anticipating regulatory, safety and environmental trends that may impact employees and customers.
  • Creating programs to improve employee motivation, attitude and professionalism.

Custodial Operations

Custodial Operations provides cleaning services for MU's classrooms, laboratories, offices, restrooms, public areas and other academic facilities. We clean more than 7,008,096 gross square feet in over 149 buildings on the MU campus. We also clean over 3.6 million gross square feet in seven campus parking structures.

Each of our custodians is responsible for cleaning, on average, 44,561 gross square feet per day. That's equivalent to cleaning more than 22 2,000-square-foot homes!

  • Monday-Friday
  • 4 a.m. to noon
Cleaning Schedule
  • Daily
  • Public-use areas: Lobbies, restrooms and corridors
  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  • Classrooms: Floors dust-mopped or vacuumed; trash emptied
  • Tuesday-Thursday
  • Stairwells and landings
  • Twice weekly
  • Classrooms: Floors damp-mopped; chalkboards cleaned
  • Weekly
  • Offices

Routine office cleaning includes emptying wastebaskets, vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors. Dusting, carpet shampooing, and floor refinishing services for office areas are available on a recharge basis. In addition to routine and periodic custodial tasks, custodial responsibilities include locking buildings in the evening, unlocking buildings in the morning and removing snow at all building entrances, including steps and ramps.

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