January/February 2001
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Red Campus Tour

of buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Roll over numbers on the map for building names; click for more information about MU's historic buildings. Building information opens in a new window.

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Sources of information: Campus Facilities Archives; The University of Missouri: An Illustrated History; and MU Web sites.

Map of Francis Quadrangle McAlester Hall Neff Hall Walter Williams Hall Sociology Building Pickard Hall The Residence on Francis Quarangle Swallow Hall Jesse Hall Tate Hall Townsend Hall Hill Hall Conley House The Columns Engineering Complex Switzler Hall Parker Hall Student Health Center Noyes Hall
Across Campus:

Sanborn Field and Soil Erosion Plots (1888): Sanborn Field was initiated in late 1888 by Dean J. W. Sanborn to demonstrate the value of crop rotations and manure in grain-crop production. The emphasis on the field started with and continues to be on soil properties affected by alternative management schemes. It is known nationally as containing the plot from which Aureomycin — used in chlortetracycline, an early antibiotic — was produced.

Waters and Curtis halls were declared eligible for listing on the National Register in 1999 but have not yet been added.

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